The Awkward First Impression

Hello to anyone that stumbles upon my humble new blog. Here I’ll be sharing competitions to win some of my jewellery, things that inspire me, my new products and probably some bizarre ramblings.

I’m Natalie, and I’m the face/hands behind Funky Jewellery UK. I try to make weird and wonderful jewellery which is a little bit different, and far from the norm. I started making jewellery as I got fed up with having to wear boring, subtle jewellery. There was nowhere to buy bright, bold and colourful jewellery which is what I love, so I decided to make some for myself. It pretty much grew from there.

I started just after I lost my job. I was skint, so I started using bits and bobs I had lying around. I also trawled the supermarkets to see what weird and wonderful (and cheap!) things I could use. The pasta really inspired me, as you can get some brilliant shapes.

Multicoloured Zip Necklace

Pretty Purple Paper Necklace

Multicoloured Pencil Bracelet

Mini Domino Earrings

Hand painted Leopard Print Bottle Cap Earrings

I’ve used all kinds of things to make jewellery, such as zips, paper, pencils, pegs, pasta, buttons, bottle caps, dominos, scrabble tiles etc. The stranger the better! I love it when people look at it, then suddenly realise what it is made of. Their faces are always a picture!